When I started out on this holistic healing path, being a Reiki/Holistic practitioner wasn’t cindi-sittingremotely on my radar. I was firmly entrenched in the fast-paced corporate world but my personal journey through significant medical challenges and extreme stress levels inspired me to open Holistic Healing with Cindi.

Having worked in the financial and HR sectors for many years, and being the mother of teen boys, I was always stressed and never fully understood the implications of that stress in my life and the effect it has on the body, mind and spirit, until a few years ago.

While I was going for Reiki treatments to relax and heal, I found it to be a great relief and support both physically and emotionally. At that time, also, my health challenges were progressing and my ‘day job’ became unmanageable. I knew I still had something to offer people, and I am so glad I followed my instincts. I felt deeply that there was more to this life, and I knew I needed to find my life purpose – I was sure it would involve helping people. I had some ideas that involved my passion for wellness and holistic ‘medicine’. My ideas were all about striving to be the best version of oneself.

It was suggested I should write a book about the road to recovery, including my experiences, and with a section on nutrition, incorporating recipes etc. That may still be in the cards one day!

But the breakthrough for me came during a Reiki session, when my Reiki Master suggested I consider learning Reiki and helping people that way. It was an immediate fit – I just knew it. I started my training and fell in love with bringing this wonderful healing and relaxing energy to friends and family. The next step was easy – I just knew this was something I could do for everyone.

My love for health and healing has never stopped growing and influencing my life, and I have expanded Holistic Healing with Cindi to incorporate additional healing modalities. Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Aromatherapy – a wonderful, natural way to support your body.

They say “things happen for a reason.” In this case, my personal injury created an opportunity for me to offer something to others, to give back and share this beautiful healing with everyone.

You can do two things with lemons – get sour from eating them or make sweet, beautiful lemonade.

With love, I offer you lemonade……………