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Meditation Music

Anyone searching for guided meditation CD’s? I did for a while, and my search took me to Kay Proudfoot… I have several Kay Proudfoot meditations for sale – had a visit with her yesterday as she is in Niagara again for a short while. She asked me to pass the word around about her music – she is just awesome and anyone who is on a spriitual path will hold this music close to their heart. I have several of each – I am also planning an evening with her soon – if interested in either, let me know. You can respond through my website here or through my facebook page – either business or personal.

Reiki by Cindi – Testimonial


After my Reiki session (my first) I felt it was very calming and uplifting mentally.
Cindi was very responsive to any questions I asked her during the session…a
very positive experience and will be booking another session with her.
Thank you Cindi!


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Reiki By Cindi-Testimonial


I have experimented with holistic healing in the past but have never experienced the HHC-Testimonial-Imageresults such as that which Cindi has produced. Her skillful and intuitive Reiki has enabled me to stay healthy with regular sessions. Her calming way and calm environment in which she practices allows me to re-energize and focus on me.

Thank you Cindi for coming into my life.

Susan in Niagara on the Lake

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Testimonial-Hip Pain


Three months after breaking my hip in an accident, I was still having a great deal of discomfort and a constant and debilitating ache in my whole leg. I was willing to try anything that would help, as my daily life required me to walk for 15 minutes several times a day. So on a friend’s advice, I tried Holistic Healing with Cindi and have never looked back. The very next day, the pain was considerably lessened and I am now rarely afflicted with it – at least three months sooner than I had been advised by my doctor. Thank you Cindi.

Molly in St. Catharines