Aromatherapy is a wonderful, complementary healing modality that uses Essential Oils extracted from plants, flowers, bark, stems and leaves to promote wellness. There is a lot of information regarding Essential Oils ‘out there’ and opinions can be very diverse. Rest assured, I am certified (CAP) and able to provide you with safe usage advice, and great quality oils, that I source from many different suppliers.  An initial consultation will give you peace of mind about Aromatherapy and allow me to ensure that oil usage does not interfere with any current medications you use and, if you’re wanting the knowledge but have your own supply of oils, that’s works as well! Initial Consultation is approximately 1 hour and is $50.00 excluding products.

Reiki can be done personally, by phone or by distance. You do not need to be in my clinic personally to receive the benefits of Reiki, though a physical presence certainly gives you the full experience of relaxation. An in-person treatment offers the best of it – the setting is very peaceful and promotes deep relaxation while focusing on your energy centres.

In-person Reiki session – this treatment is approximately 60 minutes $60.00

Distance Healing –Reiki can be done by distance without you being in
the practice. It is sent each day for three days for the entire time $50.00

Animal Reiki – Reiki on animals is very non-invasive and doesn’t cause stress or pain. For healthy animals, Reiki enhances their relaxation and wellbeing. For ill animals, Reiki is a wonderful healing method. It can complement Veterinary Medicine, Homeopathy and other forms of healing. For dying animals, Reiki is a powerful way to provide relief from pain, fear and anxiety. It’s also a wonderful way to support the dying animal’s family.  Price varies based on animal size (smaller animals potentially take less time) and location.

Aromatherapy Facial – This relaxing, pampering treatment will leave you feeling totally spoiled. An aromatherapy consultation followed by a one hour treatment includes a deep cleansing, nourishing mask and face/scalp/shoulder massage with a custom essential oil blend. All products used are personalised to your skin’s needs and blended at time of the appointment. Treat yourself! Treatment is $75.00 and that includes the customised products.

Reflexology – Approximately 45 minutes in length, this relaxing, luxurious treatment focuses on the reflexes on the feet (or hands in the case where it is not practical to work on the feet) to provide support to every part of the body – every gland, organ and body system. This treatment is done on the massage table, with the practitioner manually working on each reflex point. The client’s experience is always one of extreme relaxation and it helps the body ‘s own natural healing process and assists the body to function more efficiently. $50.00

Essential Oils – Amazing plant based oils that support healthy living and a more natural way to heal.  An alternative to traditional medicines in some cases, and a complementary treatment in others. I work with numerous oil manufacturers and prices vary per oil. Aromatherapy consultations are available – see above.

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